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Welcome to Headache Relief Alternatives

Perfection is our passion, our philosophy, and our inspiration.

At Headache Relief Alternatives, our integrated approach combines time tested clinical techniques, advanced FDA approved technology, sports rehab techniques, alternative therapies and nutritional information to support your whole body health.  We put our philosophy to practice with every patient, providing you with the quality care you deserve  in a relaxing environment.

 Dr. Allen Sprinkle and his staff provide a wide range of services to patients through the DFW Metroplex, giving them renewed hope to regain their lives after months or years of chronic head or neck pain.

As a TruDenta®-trained practice, Dr. Sprinkle and his team, offer specialized care for head, neck, and TMJ pain due to force imbalances. Improper dental forces may also be the cause of tinnitus (ringing of the ears), vertigo, and other painful symptoms. Also trained in dental sleep medicine, Dr. Sprinkle has been treating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea since 1988. He knows that without proper sleep, his patients cannot heal.

Dr. Sprinkle is also trained in Neural Therapy, Prolotherapy, and the BiDigital O-Ring Testing patented by his teacher Dr. Yoshiaki Omura,  His alternative approaches for treating chronic pain and Trigeminal Neuralgia have attracted the attention of patients around the world.  Beause of his noninvasive, non pharmacological techniques in dealing with this condition, Dr. Sprinkle was a   featured speaker at the 2006 National Trigeminal Neuralgia Association meeting in Orlando

His primary goal is not to "manage" your pain but help you get your life back without continued use of prescription medication or other treatments.

Dr. Sprinkle and his team give their patients the same care and concern they would a close friend or family member.  They strive to make sure all you needs are met, concerns addressed, and questions answered.  Their philosophy is patient-centered care every time you come for an appointment.

At our office, we are dedicated to:

  • Uncovering the correct diagnosis, creating a treatment strategy that meets your needs, and making sure you are comfortable with your individualized course of action.
  • Helping to educate you regarding all aspects of your health, and providing referrals to specialists on an as needed basis.
  • Working within your budget and insurance constraints whenever possible, and providing written estimates for all treatments before any procedure is started.

Please feel free to contact our Arlington office to schedule a consultation and learn about all your options to enjoy a life free of pain.Call us today!