Dear Dr. Sprinkle and Staff,  

The gratefulness and excitement I feel will make it difficult for me to be brief. My life changed in three hours. To realize the relief I have experienced you must understand the discomfort I lived with, called Reflex Sympathic Dysthropy (or RSD). RSD is a burning sensation at or near a trauma site. I had two sites, the worse was on my right foot, the last three toes, across the top of the foot and down along the outside edge. The pain comes from within the nerve so you can’t rub anything on it for relief. It felt like a third degree burn when touched.

Dr. Sprinkle and his precious staff fitted me with my “daytime mouth piece” around 1:30 p.m. My breathing was easier right away. After returning to our motel room around 4:00 p.m., out of my slippers I gingerly touched my foot with my left toe – no burning! Then I rubbed the top of my right foot with the heel of my left foot – no burning!

I had wondered how I would live the rest of my life with RSD rapidly spreading, and now I just wonder at God’s grace and thank Him for the wisdom He provided to Dr. Sprinkle.

Mary Fox


Dear Dr. Sprinkle,

The splint has moved my tongue into a different place. It took some getting used to. I had a tender tongue and pressure points on my body were activated for a while.

My neck vertebrae slowly but surely moved into their rightful place, making me nearly a half an inch taller.I engage in physical therapy. I swim three times a week for 40 to 60 minutes.  I bought swim gloves to strengthen my neck shoulder and arm muscles. It worked!! I am also doing stretching and strength exercises on the floor mat to relax my pressure points. I can now swim easily with the gloves. I can even do the backstroke. It’s a miracle!!

My mid-back vertebrae are eased and staying in place. I am still having some problems with the L-5 and S-1 areas, but I am somewhat better there also.
I can now lift 8 to 10 pounds with care, open doors, and carry things I could not before. I can also do more housework. Before receiving my splint, I couldn’t even get laundry out of the washer or dryer.

My sleep is better and longer. My posture is straighter. I am feeling better all around than before. I still take naps, but not as often. My chewing and digestion are better. I am taking Magnesium Malate along with multi-vitamins and calcium-magnesium. These seem to help lessen the stress of all the changes that are occurring in my body with the new splint.

Thank you Dr. Sprinkle.
Jenny L. Jennings


Dear Dr. Sprinkle,

I want to thank you for making my splints to help improve my breathing and to solve other problems that I was having. I had to breathe through my mouth. Every time I tried to breath through my nose it would almost close off within a few minutes.

I have sleep apnea and have an oxygen (CPAP) unit that I tried using but because of problems with the facemask leaking and hurting my upper lip, I quit using it and started sleeping on my right or left side. I was unable to sleep on my back as I would quit breathing and gasp for air. My wife would wake me on occasions because I was not breathing.

After you made my splints for day use and night sleeping, I was able to sleep on my back some of the time and the first night my shoulders did not hurt me near as much.

I was limited on walking any distance at all, partly because of a knee operation and due to shortness of breath. While wearing the daytime unit, I walked without shortness of breath for about six blocks. Before, when shopping I would use a cart to hold onto.

I can now breathe through my nose full time, both day and night, and I feel like I have more energy. I feel more alive and want to do more things.I am almost seventy-five and feel this procedure has put new meaning into my life. I want to thank you for your help. I will continue to keep you informed of my progress,
I would like to say that you have a wonderful wife and staff. They are ever so kind and helpful. May God bless each and every one of you.

George R. Hogan


Dear Dr. Sprinkle,

Greetings from Tarrant County! I just wanted to drop you a short note about all the good results that have occurred from the use of my new daytime appliance. I think you and Dr. Robson are really on to something here. I have had the following positive results:

 I am more rested in the morning. I wake up each morning and feel like I have slept better. Hopefully we will be able to prove this for sure when I borrow the PAT 100 machine again.

My energy level is higher throughout the day. I have much more energy, and I am more mentally alert all day long.

There is no more yawning. I very rarely yawn during the day. I am not sure of the exact medical reason for this, but I suppose it is because my airway is more open and it is easier to get oxygen into my body. Therefore I do not need to yawn regularly to bring oxygen into my system.

There is no more coughing to clear my throat. Before I used this appliance I had to cough regularly to clear drainage from the back of my throat. Since my airway is now more open clearing my throat by coughing is no longer necessary.

I have no more knee pain. Before I was fitted with my appliance my right knee always had a dull ache. This aching was not caused by any injury that I can remember. After using the appliance for two days my knee stopped hurting and has felt as good as new. I am very pleased with this result but have no idea what caused this wonderful outcome.

I am truly amazed that such positive results can occur from opening the airway a small amount. Thanks for all your help and hard work. I look forward to speaking with you again.

Sincerely yours,
Richard S. Chambers


Dear Dr. Sprinkle,

I have been sleeping with a CPAP machine for the past year and four months. Before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, my ear, nose & throat specialist was going to do sinus surgery. I was waking up with severe headaches. I always had shoulder aches and lower back pain. I was also having lower abdominal pain. I was unable to move my left shoulder back without severe pain. Breathing was a problem – I couldn’t get enough air.

After Dr. Sprinkle made my appliance all of these problems went away. The pain was gone and I could feel a remarkable difference in my breathing. The first night I was able to sleep without the CPAP and woke up feeling great.

Sharon Wohler


Dr. Sprinkle,

Last week when I was here for my first exam, I was in a lot of pain in my face and around my right ear. After taking the first doses of supplements, (Omura’s technique) I could tell a difference. By the next day, virtually all my pain had disappeared.  As you know, I have experienced this for the past two years and to have such a quick recovery is beyond anything I had anticipated. Thank you for treating me – by the way, best regards to your entire staff – everyone has been extraordinary!!

See you soon,

R.E. “Buddy” Haydel


Dear Dr. Sprinkle,

I am writing to thank you in an attempt to express my sincerest gratitude to you and your staff.  I am pain-free after four years of intermittent bouts of electric-like jolts of lightning to the left side of my face. Over this period of time, I sought medical attention from six different dentists and doctors, including a “bite-specialist,” an internist, and a neurologist. The neurologist prescribed an MRI and Neurontin, after the Tegretol proved ineffective; however, the Neurontin also produced undesirable side affects

After reading about your study of a patients and attending a TN meeting, I wanted to try something different and I am so glad I did. The treatment protocol you indicated has proved effective and a healthy alternative. I am so appreciative and, though only words, thank you!


Martha G. Sekin


Dear Dr. Sprinkle,

Just wanted to let you know that 3 times recently I have been able to travel and spend the night in a hotel thanks to your detox protocol. It has been over three years since I have been able to do this due to my sensitivity to chemicals and EMF's. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God richly bless you, your family and your work.  John 10:10.                     



Dear Dr. Sprinkle,

As you know I have been sick for 25 years, suffering from extreme chemical and EMF sensativities. My diet was extremely limited as was my ability to work and socialize. I hadn't been to church in years due to my extreme reaction to fragrances. I could not talk on a cell phone or be around areas with high electrical activity like multiple computers.

Once you removed the tooth with the internal resorbtion and cleaned the socket I was noticibly improved to the point that Sunday I went to church for the first time in over 10 years. I sat right in the middle of the little old ladies with all the perfume and didn't have any problems. It was a miracle and I am continuing to do great.
Who would have thought that a tooth could have been such a factor in my life for so long and yet never hurt. Thank you again.

Mark Jackson

If you would like to share  your positive results and experience with us,  please ask our staff for a comment card at the end of your next appointment.   We can hardly wait to hear your story.