Treating the System

treating the system

Treating The System, Not Just the Symptoms

At Headache Relief Alternatives our primary goal is to do the least amount of treatment, for the greatest benefits, without the use of prescription drugs and surgery.

Our integrated approach combines the best of both allopathic thought and alternative practices.  We treat head, neck, and oral structures as integral parts to the whole body, not as independent parts.

We acknowledge the uniqueness of every person – body, mind, and spirit, and emphasize prevention over treatment.  We are commited to more than just a solution to a present problem. We believe in education and help our patients learn more about nutrition, oral care, and ways to prevent dental disorders.   We want to work with you to achieve optimal health.  We believe in a team approach -  you and us.  Together we can find answers to your questions, solutions to your problems, and ways to achieve your health goals.

When treatment is needed, we take a conservative approach.  Your best teeth are the ones you were born with. When they must be repaired or replaced, we recommend using only biocompatible materials.

When oral health problems arise, as a biological dentistry team, we look beyond the symptoms to the root cause. Conventional dentistry focuses largely on mechanical repairs to the teeth and related structures, but biological dentistry includes therapeutic approaches to support the body’s natural healing abilities and includes; nutrition and supplementation, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other forms of  integrative medicine.  Our holistic approach, combines the best of modern technology with scientific knowledge and time-tested traditional healing wisdom.

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